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McDonald´s Restaurants

( joint venture with a danish / an english architect )

1.   McD-Restaurant Instore Nottingham, England
2.   McD-Restaurant Freestander Colchester, England

3.   McD-Restaurant Freestander Vejle, Denmark
4.   McD-Restaurant Freestander Herlev, Denmark
5.   McD-Restaurant Freestander Helsingor, Denmark
6.   McD-Restaurant Instore Copenhagen, Ostergade, Denmark

For McDonald´s as Project Manager

1.   McD-Restaurant Instore Esslingen, Bahnhofstraße, Germany
2.   McD-Restaurant Freestander Ingolstadt, Germany
3.   McD-Restaurant Freestander Augsburg, Donauwörtherstraße, Germany
4.   McD-Restaurant Freestander Königsbrunn, Germany
5.   McD-Restaurant Instore Hof, Germany
6.   McD-Restaurant Instore Stuttgart, Central Station, Germany
7.   McD-Restaurant Freestander München, Landsberger Straße, Germany
8.   McD-Restaurant Freestander München, Bodenseestraße, Germany
9.   McD-Restaurant Freestander München, Stäbli Straße, Germany
10. McD Trainee-Center München, Stäbli Straße, Gemany
11. McD-Restaurant Freestander Friedberg, Germany

12. McD-Restaurant Instore Wien, Singerstraße, Austria
13. McD-Restaurant Freestander Wien, Hadikgasse, Austria
14. McD-Restaurant Inst./Freest. Wien, Hernalser Gürtel, Austria
15. McD-Restaurant Instore Klagenfurth, Bahnhofstraße, Austria
16. McD-Restaurant Instore Kitzbühel, Franz-Reisch-Str., Austria
17. McD-Restaurant Freestander Salzburg, Alpenstraße, Austria
18. McD-Restaurant Instore Wien, Bahnhof Mitte, Austria                                                                          19. McD-Restaurant Instore Wien, Mariahilfstraße, Austria                                                                       20. McD-Restaurant Instore Wien, Johannesgasse, Austria                                                                     21. McD-Restaurant Instore Wien, Rotenturmstraße, Austria                                                                   22. McD-Restaurant Instore Wien, SCS, Austria

23. McD-Restaurant Instore-Remodelling, Bozen, Piazza Walther, Italy                                                

24. McD-Restaurant Instore, Moscow, Puschkin-Platz, Russia

Burger King Restaurants

architecture/project management, responsible for the complete project

1.   BK-Restaurant Berlin, Frankfurter Allée, Germany
2.   BK-Restaurant Berlin, Yorkstraße, Germany
3.   BK-Restaurant Berlin, Rosenthaler Platz, Germany
4.   BK-Restaurant Berlin, Hauptstraße, Germany
5.   BK-Restaurant Fulda, Bardostraße, Germany
6.   BK-Restaurant Bamberg, Atrium, Germany
7.   BK-Restaurant Neubrandenburg, Lindental-Center, Germany
8.   BK-Restaurant Wismar, Shopping-Center, Germany
9.   BK-Restaurant Berlin, Schönhauser Allée, Germany
10. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Prenzlauer Allée, Germany
11. BK-Restaurant Chemnitz, Chemnitz-Parc, Germany
12. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Germany
13. BK-Restaurant München, Pasinger Station, Germany
14. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Tempelhofer Damm, Germany
15. BK-Restaurant Schwedt/Oder, Oder-Center, Germany
16. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Oranienburger Straße, Germany
17. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Siemensdamm, Germany
18. BK-Restaurant Hoyerswerda, Germany
19. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Grünauerstraße, Germany
20. BK-Restaurant Glauchau, Germany
21. BK-Restaurant Dessau, Zerbsterstraße, Germany
22. BK-Restaurant Erfurt, Thüringer Parc, Germany
23. BK-Restaurant Nordhausen, Shopping-Center, Germany
24. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Potsdamerstraße, Germany
25. BK-Restaurant Weißenfels, Germany
26. BK-Restaurant Aschersleben, Germany
27. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Marzahner Promenade, Germany
28. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Havemannstraße, Germany
29. BK-Restaurant Rangsdorf, Germany
30. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Treptow, Germany
31. BK-Restaurant Wildau, Shopping-Center, Germany
32. BK-Restaurant Ulm-Senden, Shopping-Center, Germany
33. BK-Restaurant Leipzig, Permoserstraße, Germany
34. BK-Restaurant Kempten, Kellerstraße, Germany
35. BK-Restaurant Gelnhausen, Germany
36. BK-Restaurant Augsburg, Fuggerstadt-Center, Germany
37. BK-Restaurant Nürnberg, Zollhausstraße, Germany
38. BK-Restaurant Bad Cannstatt, Waiblingerstraße, Germany
39. BK-Restaurant Memmingen, Dr. Lauter Straße, Germany
40. BK-Restaurant Neu-Ulm, Mutschler-Center, Germany
41. BK-Restaurant Lüneburg, Bilmerberg, Germany
42. BK-Restaurant Göppingen, Stuttgarterstraße, Germany
43. BK-Restaurant Augsburg, Kurt-Schumacher Straße, Germany
44. BK-Restaurant Schweinfurt, Maintal, Germany
45. BK-Restaurant Forchheim, Bayreutherstraße, Germany
46. BK-Restaurant München, MAC-Airport, Germany
47. BK-Restaurant München, Pollingerstraße, Germany
48. BK-Restaurant Kappel-Grafenhausen, Hauptstraße, Germany
49. BK-Restaurant Herbolzheim, Breisgauallee, Germany
50. BK-Restaurant Fürth, Schwabacherstraße, Germany
51. BK-Restaurant Bad Kreuznach, Industriestraße, Germany
52. BK-Restaurant Dettelbach, Main Frankenpark, Germany
53. BK-Restaurant Nürnberg, Sigmundstraße, Germany
54. BK-Restaurant Singen, Theresienwiesen, Germany
55. BK-Restaurant Konstanz, Reichenaustr., Germany
56. BK-Restaurant Linz, Salzburgerstr., Austria
57. BK-Restaurant Ulm, Hbf, Germany
58. BK-Restaurant Albstadt, Ehestetter Weg, Germany
59. BK-Restaurant Schweinfurt, Am Hainig, Germany
60. BK-Restaurant Bamberg, Von Kettlerstr., Germany
61. BK-Restaurant Frankfurt/M., Mainzer Landstraße, Germany
62. BK-Restaurant Dietzenbach, Elisabeth Selbertstr., Germany
63. BK-Restaurant Augsburg, Gabelsbergerstr., Germany
64. BK-Restaurant Landshut, Siemensstr., Germany
65. BK-Restaurant Neumarkt, Ingolstädterstr., Germany
66. BK-Restaurant Schwabach, Rotherstr., Germany
67. BK-Restaurant Hilpoltstein, A9, Germany
68. BK-Restaurant Berlin, Nahmitzerdamm, Germany
69. BK-Restaurant Erlangen, Günther-Scharowskystr., Germany
70. BK-Restaurant Aschaffenburg, Hanauerstr., Germany
71. BK-Restaurant München, Chiemgaustr., Germany
72. BK-Restaurant Ulm-Seligweiler, A8, Germany
73. BK-Restaurant Würzburg, Nürnbergerstr., Germany
74. BK-Restaurant Gersthofen, Germany
75. BK-Restaurant Deggendorf, Germany
76. BK-Restaurant Erlangen, Hauptstraße, Germany
77. BK-Restaurant Berg, Karl-Schiller Straße, Germany
78. BK-Restaurant Amberg, Regensburgerstraße, Germany
79. BK-Restaurant Aschaffenburg, Würzburgerstraße, Germany
80. BK-Restaurant Wernberg-Köblitz, Klaus-Conrad-Straße, Germany
81. BK-Restaurant Hechingen, Stettener Halde 9, Germany
82. BK-Restaurant Biberach a.d. Riß, Hubertus-Liebrecht Straße, Germany
83. BK-Restaurant Bayreuth, Rothmain-Center, Germany
84. BK-Restaurant Gremsdorf, Gewerbepark 2, Germany
85. BK-Restaurant Weingarten, Germany
86. BK-Restaurant Straubing, Germany
87. BK-Restaurant Dingolfing, Römerstr., Germany

Concepts for BK-Standard-Buildings

Remodellings Burger King Restaurants

1.   Remodelling München, Im Tal, Germany
2.   Remodelling Mainz, Große Bleiche, Germany
3.   Remodelling Frankfurt/M., Liebfrauenstraße, Germany
4.   Remodelling Nürnberg, Königsstraße, Germany
5.   Remodelling Berlin, Tempelhofer Damm, Germany
6.   Remodelling Berlin, Yorkstraße, Germany
7.   Remodelling Berlin, Grünauerstraße, Germany
8.   Remodelling München, Landsbergerstraße, Germany
9.   Remodelling München, Eggenfeldenerstraße, Germany
10. Remodelling München, Wasserburgerlandstraße, Germany
11. Remodelling Nürnberg,Staffelsteinerstraße, Germany
12. Remodelling Nürnberg, Weißenburgerstraße, Germany
13. Remodelling Pforzheim, Karlsruherstraße, Germany
14. Remodelling Bamberg, Atrium-Center, Germany
15. Remodelling Kaiserslautern, Pariserstraße, Germany
16. Remodelling Wildau, Shopping-Center, Germany
17. Remodelling Albstadt, Ehestetter Weg, Germany
18. Remodelling Hechingen, Stettener Halde 9, Germany                                                                   19. Remodelling Biberach, Hubertus-Liebrecht-Str., Germany                                                            20. Remodelling Kirchheim/Teck, Germany                                              

21. Remodelling-Concept Stockholm, Stureplan, Sweden
22. Remodelling-Concept Göteborg, Farsta Centrum, Sweden 

Sausalitos Restaurants

as general contractor in joint venture with WIPRO GmbH, Design by JC Durussel

1.  Sausalitos Restaurant, Petersstrasse, Krefeld, Germany                                                                2.  Sausalitos Restaurant, Lohtorstr., Heilbronn, Germany

as client agent / Project Manager,                                                                                                             Design by J.C. Durussel / Formwände / Lopez Studio

3.   Sausalitos Restaurant, Rempartstr., Freiburg, Germany                                                                    4.   Sausalitos Restaurant, Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany                                                                5.   Sausalitos Restaurant, Große Klingergasse, Passau, Germany                                                      6.   Sausalitos Restaurant, Lister Meile , Hannover, Germany                                                                  7.   Sausalitos Restaurant, Gesandtenstr., Regensburg, Germany                                                         8.   Sausalitos Restaurant, Sonnenstr., München, Germany                                                                     9.   Sausalitos Restaurant, Alter Steinweg, Münster, Germany                                                              10. Sausalitos Restaurant, Rüttenscheiderstr., Essen, Germany                                                       11. Sausalitos Restaurant, Oranienburgerstr., Berlin, Germany                                                          12. Sausalitos Restaurant, St. Johanner Markt, Saarbrücken, Germany                                            13. Sausalitos Restaurant , Mercedes Platz, Berlin, Germany                                                             14. Sausalitos Restaurant, Erbprinzenstr., Karlsruhe, Germany                                                           15. Sausalitos Restaurant, Waffenplatz, Oldenburg, Germany                                                            16. Sausalitos Restaurant, Goldgasse, Wiesbaden, Germany                                                               17. Sausalitos Restaurant, Altmarkt, Dresden, Germany                                                                      18. Sausalitos Restaurant, Hamburg-Bergedorf, Gemany                                                                   19. Sausalitos Restaurant, Mannheim, Paradeolatz , Germany                                                                              

 as client agent, Design by JC Durussel, PM Soda GmbH

20. Sausalitos Restaurant, Am Hof, Bonn, Germany                                                                                  21. Sausalitos Restaurant, Hindenburgstr., Siegen, Germany


as client agent/Project Manager,                                                                                                                    Design by Formwände

1. SausaBar, Kyffhäuserstr., Köln, Germany

Pizza Hut Restaurants (Remodellings)

architecture/project Management, responsible for the complete project

1.   PH-Restaurant München, Lerchenauerstraße, Germany
2.   PH-Restaurant München, Sendlingerstraße, Germany
3.   PH-Restaurant München, Zweibrückenstraße, Germany
4.   PH-Restaurant München, Bayerstraße, Germany
5.   PH-Restaurant München, Leopoldstraße, Germany
6.   PH-Restaurant Starnberg, Bahnhofsplatz, Germany
7.   PH-Restaurant Nürnberg, Breite Gasse, Germany
8.   PH-Restaurant Nürnberg, Königsstraße, Germany
9.   PH-Restaurant Fürth, Fronmüllerstraße, Germany
10. PH-Restaurant Garmisch, Marienplatz, Germany
11. PH-Restaurant Augsburg, Phillipine-Weiser Straße, Germany


architecture/project management, responsible for the complete project

1. Concept (Bauvoranfrage) for KFC, München, Föringer Ring, Germany
2. Concept (Bauvoranfrage) for KFC, München, Wasserburger Landstr, Germany
3. Concepts for a KFC-Standard-Building
4. Concept for KFC, München, Im Tal, Germany
5. Concept for KFC, Augsburg, Germany
6. Concept for KFC in “Donatos”-Locations, München, Germany


as client agent / Project Manager                                                                                                          Design by Formwände

1. Bolero Restaurant, Heiliggeistplatz, Rheine, Germany

Wienerwald Restaurants

architecture/project management, responsible for the complete project

1.   WW-Restaurant Bregenz, Austria
2.   WW-Restaurant Innsbruck 1, Austria
3.   WW-Restaurant Innsbruck 2, Austria

4.   WW-Restaurant Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, Germany
5.   WW-Restaurant Berlin, Kaiserdamm, Germany
6.   WW-Restaurant Berlin, Neue Kant Straße, Germany
7.   WW-Restaurant Berlin, Berlinerstraße, Germany
8.   WW-Restaurant Fulda, Bardostraße, Germany
9.   WW-Restaurant Heilbronn, Moltkestraße, Germany

10. WW-Hendl@home, Standard-Konzept-Planung
11. Hendl@home, Planung München, Oberländerstr., Germany
12. Hendl@home, Planung Köln, Bonnerstr., Germany
13. Hendl@home, Planung Augsburg, Neusäßstr., Germany
14. WW-Restaurant, Planung Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany
15. WW-Restaurant, Planung Oberursel, Vorstadt 14, Germany

Tank & Rast AG

architecture/project management, responsible for the complete project

1.  New concept for BAT-Vaterstetten West
2.  New Concept for BAB Rasthaus, Irschenberg, A8
3.  BAT-Hofoldinger Forst-Süd
4.  Remodelling concept for BAT-Großenmoor-West
5.  Remodelling concept for BAT-Uttrichshausen-Ost                                                                                6.  Remodelling BAT-Lechwiesen-Nord                                                                                                         7.  Remodelling BAT-Lechwiesen-Süd                                                                                                           8.  Remodelling AT-Edenbergen                                                                                                                      9.  Remodelling BAT-Hockenheim-Ost                                                                                                       10. Remodelling BAT-Hockenheim-West


architecture/project management, responsible for the complete project

1. Concept TestaRossa, Baden-Baden, Hotel Reichart, Germany
2. Concept TestaRossa, Köln, Opern Passage, Germany
3. TestaRossa, Frankfurt/M., Junghof, Germany

Häagen Dasz

1. Concept for the Haägen Dasz Restaurant in the Radison Plaza Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Le Buffet

1. Concept for Motorway-Restaurant, Wattenheim-Nord, Germany

Hard Rock Café

1. Concepts for a Munich Hard Rock Café

Mövenpick Restaurants

1. Remodelling Köln, Palavrion, Germany


Tapas Laventa

1. Konzepstudie


San Pedro, Marbella

Fotostudio /Bar/Gastronomie

Estepona, Marbella

Konzept/ Planung